• Alyssa McCraw

I Hate Buzzwords

I wanted this to be about "rebranding," but then I realized I hate that word.

It's overused by the people who walk around the office with salads while you're trying to work. However, as a member of Stan Twitter, I do enjoy giving new life to static/business-y words.


I stopped blogging for many years because the platforms were:

  1. Bland

  2. Complicated

  3. All of the Above

I just love the breadth and depth that GIFs/memes provide. I was at a Christmas party last week and - true to my brand - found the perfect opportunity to interject on the origin of memes.

The party-goers who were lucky enough to hear my impromptu TED Talk were surprised to learn that the word "meme" was coined in the 1970s to describe the general transference of cultural ideas, styles and behaviors. The digital memes we share today actually fall under the subcategory of "internet memes."

In conclusion: I'm having a lot of fun studying memetics, and this is GIF speaks to my soul.


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